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Technical industry

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Mixing and micronisation of technical powders (mica, bakelite, etc.)

Sometimes it’s important to guarantee that 100% of the powder is below a certain size limit. Polishing powder does not work if it’s contaminated with coarse particles.

With diverse powder processing services, and 23 independent workshops, AFT is your ideal outsourcing partner.

A wide range of powder processes


Milling, screening and mixing of cosmetic bulk. We treat as well more elaborated powder.
We grind exotic herbal plants before supercritical or classical extraction.
Milling, mixing, screening and cryo-grinding of ingredients and additives (gums, aroma, cacao butter…).
Approved by local authorities we grind and mix feed additives.
Chemical reactions are sometimes improved by a larger specific surface area. Waxes, UV stabilizers, flame retardants and catalysts are more effective if they are micronised.
Mixing and micronisation of technical powders (mica, bakelite, etc.).
Micronisation of food supplements without degrading their properties.